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New Client Guide

Updated: Feb 4

A step by step guide to booking an escort

It can be a nerve-wracking experience to try anything new, let alone intimacy with a stranger. This can be a very big barrier to finally making the move and booking with that girl that you’ve been admiring. This article gives you a step by step guide to making a good impression and what to expect on your first date.

1. Contacting a Companion

Read the Website

You have found the lady of your dreams. You have been following her on her socials, or just admiring her photos on her ad. Now you are feeling ready to finally meet her in real life. First things first it’s time to get educated. Luckily me and many incredible companions have built a website to help you understand what we require from you to properly book. Make sure you thoroughly read over the website, especially the Booking Form that should give you all the information you need to give to the companion so that she can figure out if you two will be a good match.

Write the email

Now it is time to write an email. Remember, first impressions are important. Make sure you have included everything the companion has asked for in your initial email. Remember, she is a beautiful women and may be receiving many emails a day. Asking questions that can clearly be found on her website or bartering over screening/deposit policies is a good way to put you on the low priority list. It can be nice to include a little bit about yourself. However, unless it’s a physical disability, we are not too interested in the way your body looks your race and how good-looking you are. Better things to let us know about is things you love who you are as a person. If you were anticipating something particular. And if you have any physical disabilities that we should know about so we can better accommodate you.

An example of a good email

Hi Taylor,

My name is John, I am a 40 year old who lives in Victoria BC. In my free time I love hiking and traveling.  I found you on tryst and am enamoured! I would like to book with you at your place this month during the evening for 3 hours. I have attached my ID for screening and will send a deposit via e transfer. I hope we can find a time to meet.



An example of a bad email

Using appropriate Language

This industry is very large and everyone has a different way of doing things. You might’ve noticed that some companions will use abbreviations (DATY, BBBJ) for the things they are willing to do with an extra cost associated with them. If the companion you are looking at do not have these terms included in their website, it’s best to assume that they do not want to speak in that terminologies. If there is something very specific that you are really expecting from your date. Please bring it up in a respectful way.

2. Leading up to the date

You have officially booked with your companion crush! The lead up to the special day can be so exciting You may feel inclined to contact your companion, but it is important to keep communication to a minimum. It’s best to keep any communication prior to the booking about questions or concerns you may have. For example: asking if she likes a particular wine because you intend on bringing one is it a good email to receive. But emailing her to ask simply how is her day is not appropriate. If we extended ourselves to all are incredible clients, we would have nothing left to give anyone in our personal lives. Some ladies will offer texting calling video chatting packages.

3. The big day

The day has finally come (and so will you)! You should receive an email either the day prior to the date or the morning of to confirm the booking. Make sure to not arrive at the door of the incall too early as to not arouse any suspicion. Buzz no more than 5 minutes before the booking time. And always be sure to be discreet in the hallways.

Depending on the amount of time you’ve chosen to book, you should expect a slightly different experiences. A shorter booking from 90 minutes to 3 hours. (Recommended for first time suitors)

  • Arrive at the incall, making sure you are discreet in the hallways.

  • We will greet each other with a big hug.

  • I will take your coat.

  • You will give me the envelope.

  • I will ask you to go take a shower. Even if you have showered recently, please do not deny the shower.

  • We may chat and cuddle, building up the sexual tension before getting down to the fun stuff.

  • Because everybody is different. After the shower is different for everybody. I try to do my best to meet you where you’re at. If you need to take it slow, it’s always good to vocalize that. If you’re wanting things to go faster, you simply need to let me know.

  • If you’re someone who gets excited too quickly, do not stress. We can take time relax and then get back into it when you’re feeling ready to go again. Sex and intimacy are not a race to the finish line. The entire experience is more of a pleasurable escape from day-to-day life.

  • If you plan to shower before leaving try to plan that into the time we spend together.

For a longer booking from four hours onwards.

  • You will need to bring snacks or we will be planning an outing for food depending on the time of day.

  • Longer bookings are not offered as a sex marathon, they are there to build intimacy and spend social time together.

  • If you have booked an overnight, you must allow the companion 7-8 hours beauty sleep.

4. After the Date

And just like that the blissful date is over. It’s totally OK to send your companion a thank you note to let them know that you’ve enjoyed that your time with them. For companions, that tour, such as myself If you would like to be contacted when your companion is in your city. It’s nice to mention that.

If you are someone who participates in review board culture, ask the companion before posting a review. Some companions like getting reviews and other do not.

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