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7 Things I learnt as an escort I would tell someone getting started

1. Don’t take that new girl's money for granted.

Use it to create a smart safety net first. Create the freedom to say “NO” before any big purchase of a non-necessity.

2. Don’t take your health for granted.

It’s the most important part of the job. And the more you choose to ignore your body for the $ the more it’s going to cost you in the future.

3. Investing in your joy will bring you more wealth in every possible way, not just monetary.

Take breaks when you need them. Happiness is contagious.

4. Look up to others who are doing well in the industry but recognize that we are all different and will attract different things.

You don’t need to appeal to everyone. It’s much better to appeal to the people you vibe with.

5. There will always be negative miserable people out there. Don’t waste your energy on them.

For every sad person who is going to hate what you do, there’s going to be so many others who are going to be so grateful for it. Those are the people to focus on.

6. Looks may be the original draw that gets someone to book you. But how you make someone FEEL will be what keeps them coming back.

7. Practice gratitude.

If you are someone who can take some of my advice it means you have some level of privilege. Say, thank you to yourself for taking care of you. Voice/write that you are grateful for the privileges you have. It’s the best weapon against comparison sadness and improves life satisfaction.

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